Councillor Brad Clark suggests Ontario consider Metrolinx’s “Option 3”

During my research on the proposed regulation, Prescribing Hamilton LRT as a Priority Project under the Building Transit Faster Act 2020, I came across this surprising report, (Hamilton Rapid Transit Benefits Report 2020). I say surprising because I could not, for the life of me, recall ever seeing it before now.

In fact, I thought that I might have somehow forgotten about it or misplaced it. So, I provided the title of the report to my Assistant, Robert, who promptly searched our office records and found nothing. Subsequently, we asked our most proficient City of Hamilton Records Staff for assistance. They did a thorough search of city records and reported that they could not find any record of this report on any GIC or Council Agendas or Minutes. However, the records staff did find it on the Metrolinx web site. So, to the best of my knowledge and without any intended recriminations, I believe that I can safely say that Hamilton City Council has not received this report.

This report goes beyond the usual debate of LRT or BRT on the Hamilton B Line. It proffers a thoroughly reviewed and innovative “Option 3” that details the way to provide a 14km B line, a 16km A line and priority bus measures on the BLAST network for the capital cost of $1Billon.

My comments to the Ministry are my own and should not be received as a comment from the City Council or the City of Hamilton. My comments respectfully suggest that Option 3 be considered and added to the proposed regulation.