Municipal Services Update PROPERTY TAXES

Property Taxes

As a result of a motion approved by Council on March 20, our General Manager of Finance and his staff are reviewing options and preparing a report back with respect to providing residents and businesses with tax relief.  This relief could include waiving penalties, waiving interest, tax deferrals and/or targeted tax deferrals (e.g. low income, seniors).

Corporate Services staff will be reviewing these options as it relates to the upcoming April 30, 2020 tax installments.  It is important to note that, because municipalities approve their budgets during different periods of the year, their installment dates vary too.  Some municipalities that have already announced tax relief initiatives as a result of COVID19 have done so because their next installments are due more immediately (i.e. March 15 or 31). 

Hamilton property owners meet their property tax obligations through a variety of payment options. Therefore Corporate Services staff, in consultation with other departments, will be reviewing tax relief options in an effort to assess impact given these various payment options. 

Staff will also be consulting with Alectra Utilities, as the City’s water/wastewater billing agent, to discuss potential payment deferrals/waivers.

The timing of the report back to Council will seek to ensure Council has appropriate time to review, while providing local property taxpayers with appropriate time to assess their payment options.