Family Fireworks Bylaw Changes

Photo Hamilton Fire Department

On April 27, 2022, Hamilton City Council received and approved the Fire Chief’s Report amending Hamilton’s fireworks bylaw. This change was prompted by my motion, supported by Council, to have our Fire Department review the family fireworks bylaw. In 2021, Council received many complaints from residents about the night after night noise, increased power of the fireworks, burning embers landing cars, roofs, decks and pool covers.

Here are the changes:

(a) That the sale of family fireworks be permitted for only seven days prior to Victoria
Day and Canada Day
– reduced from 14 days in the current By-law;
(b) That the use/discharge of family fireworks be permitted on Victoria Day and
Canada Day only
, or in case of inclement weather the day immediately following
Victoria Day or Canada Day.
This would reduce the number of use/discharge
days to a total of two days each year from the current 10;
(c) That the use/discharging of family fireworks be limited to the time period between
dusk and 11:00 p.m. on Victoria Day and Canada Day only (or the day following
each holiday in case of inclement weather); and,
(d) That the use of professional display/pyrotechnic fireworks be maintained as per
current practice as this supports the message of diversity and inclusivity in the
community by allowing groups, organizations, and communities to celebrate on
any day of the year pending permit issuance.

The Fire Department and our Communications Team will be initiated a broad public communications plan to inform residents of the changes.

Please be considerate of your neighbours when setting off fireworks in your community and remember to be safe.