Installation of Traffic Calming Measures

Bellagio Avenue, Showcase Drive, Keystone Crescent, Fletcher Road and Gatestone Drive to Address Safety Concerns Around Area Elementary Schools (Ward 9)

After much work with our traffic engineers and numerous discussions with parents and the school trustees, Council has approved some traffic calming measures to address speeding and aggressive driving in around Our Lady of Assumption Elementary School, Shannen Koostachin Elementary School and Gatestone Elementary School.

While I understand that some residents do not support the proliferation of speed cushions, I want residents to know that they are a measure of last resort for me and that there needs to be support by our traffic staff. In this case, I personally witnessed excessive speeding and racing along these streets. So, while the speed cushions can be an inconvenience to some drivers, the safety of our children and pedestrians in this area trumps the inconvenience. The type of speed cushions are similar to the ones that were installed years ago by Janet Lee Elementary School on Winterberry Drive.

The speed cushions will be installed as part of the city’s work in Fall 2021.

WHEREAS, the City of Hamilton is committed to the safety of all road users and is
a leader in Vision Zero initiatives; and,
WHEREAS, the Ward 9 office has continued to receive complaints and concerns
related to the safety of elementary students accessing schools in these areas;
(a) That Transportation Operations and Maintenance staff be authorized and
directed to install traffic calming measures on the following roadways as
part of the 2021 Traffic Calming program (fall application), at a cost not to
exceed $60,000, to be funded from the Ward 9 Minor Maintenance
account (4031911609):
(i) Gatestone Drive, from Foxtrot Drive to Shadyglen Drive, Hamilton
(2 speed cushions);
(ii) Bellagio Avenue, from Fletcher Road to Keystone Crescent,
Hamilton (3 speed cushions);
(iii) Keystone Crescent, from Bellagio Avenue to Showcase Drive,
Hamilton (2 speed cushion);
(iv) Showcase Drive, from Keystone Crescent to Fletcher Road,
Hamilton (2 speed cushions);
(v) Fletcher Road at Pinehill Drive, Hamilton, northwest corner, corner
radius reduction;
(b) That the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized and directed to execute any
required agreement(s) and ancillary documents, with such terms and
conditions in a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor.

Photo Credit Hamilton News