Mailed Urban Boundary Survey Underway

July 23 is the deadline for public comments on the proposed urban boundary expansion.

To date, I have received over 2,500 email responses from our residents. I do not know the number of mailed surveys that has been received by staff.

I encourage residents to look for the mailed survey and complete the survey as soon as possible. If by chance you can’t find the mailed survey, you can respond to this email Do not delay! Don’t miss your chance to share your thoughts on this crucial issue. Council needs to hear from our residents regardless of their position on the proposed urban boundary.

To avoid any unintended influence, I will NOT be sharing sharing the breakdown on the survey responses to my office until the deadline has passed.

You can learn more about this matter and participate in the survey through the following link, GRIDS 2 and Municipal Comprehensive Review | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada