Direction to Draft MOU Inches LRT Forward

In the last election, I promised the residents of Ward 9 that I would oppose LRT. More recently and in preparation for the vote directing staff to draft a revised Memorandum of Understanding MOU with Metrolinx, I spent two weeks canvassing approximately 1,000 homes on random urban streets in Ward 9.

My recent canvassing revealed that 6-7 out of 10 homes indicating that they were still opposed with 30% supporting LRT because of the new funding. While I was pushed by some proponents to ignore the democratic will of my residents, I chose to represent them. Accordingly, I objected to the LRT and voted to oppose the directions to staff.

That being said, Council ratified the direction on a 9-6 vote. At this point, the democratic will of council to support LRT will move forward.

While I reserve the right to ask pointed and appropriate questions, I will not obstruct the will of council. I have always believed that once the City Council makes a decision on any item regardless of my position, it is the responsibility or obligations of Councillors to see that decision through to success.