Please Yield to Flashing Green Lights

Upper Stoney Creek is served by a composite fire service. Volunteer Firefighters use flashing green lights. Please yield.

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA), 1990 allows firefighters to display a flashing green light when responding to emergencies. The use of flashing green lights on or in vehicles is restricted to the Ontario fire service. Adoption of its use is strictly voluntary. There are several response considerations that users of such devices must be aware of:

  • The purpose of flashing green lights is to help other drivers recognize a firefighter en-route to an emergency and be courteous and yield the right-of-way
  • A flashing green strobe light on a fire response vehicle can designate the Incident Command (I.C.) vehicle or the HAZMAT vehicle in some departments
  • Firefighters may use flashing green lights on personally owned vehicles while proceeding to emergencies, including response to the scene or to the fire station. Once on scene flashing green lights are to be shut off so that they are not confused with stationary on-scene incident command or HAZMAT emergency vehicles unless the light is being used in a stationary vehicle for the purposes of directing additional incoming emergency vehicles
  • Personal vehicles of firefighters are not emergency vehicles
  • Driving aggressively, proceeding through stop signs or stop lights without stopping, driving in the on coming lane of traffic when responding to calls with a flashing green light are a few examples of dangerous and reckless driving behaviour that will not be tolerated in the fire service and may serve as reasonable grounds for an insurance company to discontinue coverage if they become aware of such behaviour
  • Developing proper behaviour is essential to ensure a safe response

The flashing green light does not afford any privileges or exemptions under the HTA, 1990