Restarting Ontario Economy

This morning I participated in a virtual consultation with Provincial Government Officials and business owners organized by MPP Donna Skelly.  The feedback through the “Economic Impacts of COVID-19: A Virtual Discussion with MPP Donna Skelly” will be forwarded to the Ontario Jobs and Recovery Committee.

We heard from several business leaders, BIAs, charities,
not-for-profits, and NGOs expressing their concerns and the impacts on their businesses as a result of the lock down. Some spoke to the reopening of the economy and the inequities in the current phasing. There were questions as to why some retail operations are permitted to open while other retail stores are ordered to remain closed. Concerns were raised about the hospitality industry and the impact of social distancing orders. Others spoke to the banquet and convention operations and the impacts of minimizing gatherings to just five people. I have heard that this is a real challenge for couples planning to marry. There were also issues regarding what is deemed essential and non-essential in the construction industry.

Candidly, my observations are that the reopening of the economy through a phased approach to protect the public health is likely more complicated than the original shut down. Surely, we can put in place health and safety rules for the industries and sectors of the economy to operate while protecting their employees and costumers.

My hope is that we can restart the economy while effectively protecting the
public health through the inevitable second wave. Unfortunately, that may mean the use of enforceable quarantine orders on confirmed cases and their households rather than the sequestering of the entire population to their homes.

Closing the economy down again could prove to be disastrous for many businesses and their employees.

If your business or organization operates in Ward 9 and I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call my office at 905 546-2703, my private cell 905 977-0679, or email me at 

We worked together to protect our families from COVID-19, now lets work together to restart the Ontario Economy.