Restarting Some City of Hamilton Services

Modified delivery of some City of Hamilton services

Many City services have continued throughout the pandemic including essential services, support services to those essential services, and services that can be accessed by the public online.

The Emergency Operations Centre announced the restart of some City services. There are some services we can restart on a modified basis in a way that ensures we continue to adhere to the provincial orders and the health and safety of our staff and the community.

As part of this restart, we will be implementing physical distancing practices, staggering hours and increasing cleaning practices. Restarting these modified services is critical to maintaining our facilities as the seasons change. Generally, the services include:

  • Grass cutting
  • Waste and litter collection in parks and in the right-of-ways
  • Asset safety inspections
  • Critical park maintenance
  • Burials in City cemeteries
  • Some work at Gage Park Greenhouse
  • Some pre-work for the fall Mum Show
  • Annual road maintenance programs will operate at reduced staffing levels due reduction of student resources and full-time staff will be redeployed to fill those duties
  • Cleanup of all escarpment crossings
  • Enhanced by-law enforcement related to property standards calls
  • Parking maintenance staff will do spring maintenance on surface lots including pothole filling, line painting and minor repairs.
  • Parking labourers will also be assisting with garbage and litter pick-up in areas surrounding downtown parking facilities

For more information about the modified delivery of these services, visit:

Ongoing enforcement of physical distancing and gatherings

City of Hamilton By-law Officers continue to use a progressive and education enforcement approach to help residents understand the City’s Physical Distancing by-law that prohibits certain activities and regulates physical distancing during the COVID-19 emergency. While no charges have been laid under this by-law to date, it continues to be in effect and the fine for individuals is $500, which could increase to $10,000 for a serious offence and up to $25,000 for repeat offences. Corporations may receive a fine of up to $50,000 for a first serious offence and up to $100,000 for repeat offences.

To help media and the public keep track of charges laid under the both the City’s Physical Distancing by-law and under the Emergency Measures and Civil Protection, stats have been added to the City’s website: Numbers on this page will be updated daily.

Supports for community agencies and our vulnerable residents

The City will be allocating provincial funding to local social service providers and community organizations for COVID-19 services that support the ultimate goal of reducing community spread. The funding need has to have been generated by COVID-19 and would be needed by the requesting organization to continue to deliver critical services, hire additional staff and find ways to promote physical distancing and self-isolation to keep people safe and healthy.

For more information about criteria and to access the application, visit and click on Learn more about Funding for Social Service Providers and Community Organizations.

The First Ontario Centre continues to operate as an emergency overflow shelter. Currently, 50 residents are staying at the shelter.

Important HSR transit reminders

The City is reminding residents that public transit is for essential travel only. The public is asked to please not take public transit to pass some time during the day, transit is for essential trips only, such as going to work or a medical appointment. The public is also reminded to adhere to physical distancing measures and not sit in seats that have been blocked off to promote physical distancing.

Any residents experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or going to an assessment centre for testing should not use public transit. They are asked to contact the Public Health hotline for more information on appropriate transportation to the testing sites: 905-974-9848 or