Enforcing Provincial Order

Gatherings Enforcement

The City’s Municipal Law Enforcement (MLE) division and the Hamilton Police Service continue to monitor for compliance of the provincial emergency order issued last weekend under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act prohibiting organized public events and social gatherings of more than five (5) people.

The MLE will use a progressive enforcement approach if they do not obtain compliance or there is a repeated offence, and charges may be laid. Fines of up to $750 per individual may be applied, while corporations could face fines up to $500,000.

To report concerns about adherence to the provincial order:

  • Concern about a local business or public gatherings of 5+ people, without physical distancing: 905-546-2489 (546-CITY)
  • Business not following proper hygiene: 905-974-9848
  • Inquiring if a business is essential: 1-888-444-3659
  • Price-gouging reporting: 1-800-889-9768