COVID-19 Update: Important Changes to HSR Service


  • Restricting customer loads to 10 people on a 40 ft bus; and 15 people on a 60 ft articulated bus. Signs will be posted to identify which seats are not available for use.
  • Operators will be by-passing stops if the load on the bus is in excess of the above amounts, or if there are concerns with physical distancing.
  • All customers are now required to enter and exit through the rear doors. Customers using wheelchairs, scooters and personal mobility devices (PMD’s) are no longer being loaded from front door.
  • To facilitate access to the bus, customers using wheelchairs and scooters will be required to travel with a companion. The companion will be required to deploy the ramp under the direction of the operator. If there is a requirement for the wheelchair or scooter to be secured, the companion will be required to facilitate this as well.
  • HSR will now only be able to accommodate one ( 1 ) wheelchair/scooter per bus regardless of the vehicle size.

Between the hours of 1pm and 5pm the following routes will experience the greatest impacts:

  • 2-Barton
  • 1-King
  • 5-Delaware
  • 10-B line
  • Operators will not be policing these restrictions. It is the responsibility of everyone to adhere to physical distancing and respect the signs posted.


  • Details are still being finalized, refunds and/or credits for monthly bus passes will be issued.