Mailed Urban Boundary Survey Underway

July 23 is the deadline for public comments on the proposed urban boundary expansion.

To date, I have received over 2,500 email responses from our residents. I do not know the number of mailed surveys that has been received by staff.

I encourage residents to look for the mailed survey and complete the survey as soon as possible. If by chance you can’t find the mailed survey, you can respond to this email Do not delay! Don’t miss your chance to share your thoughts on this crucial issue. Council needs to hear from our residents regardless of their position on the proposed urban boundary.

To avoid any unintended influence, I will NOT be sharing sharing the breakdown on the survey responses to my office until the deadline has passed.

You can learn more about this matter and participate in the survey through the following link, GRIDS 2 and Municipal Comprehensive Review | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

MCR/GRIDS2 Resident Survey in Mail Now

One of the largest direct mail public consultations is now underway.

On March 31, 2021, Hamilton City Council supported Councillor Brad Clark’s motion directing staff to conduct a city-wide direct mail survey seeking resident’s opinions about the future growth plans for the city.

The surveys, as seen here, are being delivered this week to every household through Canada Post unaddressed admail. Residents can learn more about the issues at . Check your mailboxes.

Please take the time to complete the postage paid survey and drop it in the mail or you can email your comments directly to

The deadline for response is July 23, 2021.

Council Approves Clark’s Motion for Second Opinion on Urban Boundary Question

During recent delegations regarding the City’s Land Needs Assessment and Municipal Comprehensive review, some delegates questioned the interpretations of provincial policies by the City’s Consultant, Consultant Antony Lorius. The Lorius report helped inform the staff position and will ultimately guide the city council on the crucial urban boundary expansion decision.

Accordingly, Councillor Clark move a motion directing staff to retain an independent third party land economist with land use planning experiences to peer review the “City of Hamilton Land Needs Assessment to 2051 – Technical Working Paper” and the “Residential Intensification Market Demand Study”

“It’s not unusual to ask for additional independent opinions on such important issues,” the upper Stoney Creek Councillor said. “I think that given the magnitude of this decision, a peer review is most appropriate.”


WHEREAS the City commissioned land economist Antony Lorius Consulting to undertake the technical analysis for the land needs assessment for the City’s GRIDS2 initiative;

WHEREAS the results of that analysis were presented to Council on March 31, 2021 in the report “City of Hamilton Land Needs Assessment to 2051 – Technical Working Paper” and “Residential Intensification Market Demand Study” as part of Report PED17010(i); and

WHEREAS Council will be considering the land needs assessment and recommended GRIDS2 growth scenario at a Special GIC meeting on October 25, 2021


(a) That staff be directed to retain a consultant with the appropriate expertise in land economics and planning to undertake a review of the approach and methodology utilized for the “City of Hamilton Land Needs Assessment to 2051 – Technical Working Paper” and “Residential Intensification Market Demand Study” to confirm that the approach and methodology meets the requirements of all applicable provincial policies and is an appropriate application of all applicable provincial policies with respect to determining the city’s land needs to 2051

(b) That the consultant prepare a memorandum summarizing their findings and that staff include this memorandum as part of the GRIDS2 report back at the Special GIC meeting on October 25, 2021

(c) That the cost for completing the review be charged to the Economic Development Investment Fund Reserve 112221