Proposed #43 Route Improvement

This proposed route change is designed to bring local transit access to the newer subdivisions of Penny Lanes Estates, Empire Victory (Nash Neighbourhood) and Heritage Green Sports Park. Frequency will also change from every 30mins to every 20 mins. This route change helps to improve connectivity, frequency and dependability.

Route 43 Stone Church passengers, we want to hear from you! We’re proposing a shift to a portion of the route in order to accommodate increasing development and population density in the area. Share your feedback between now and May 15 by visiting: Thank you! #HamOnt

Storm Water Webinar

Storms are becoming more frequent and intense due to climate change and we are experiencing more pollution in our waterways and flooding in our communities. This is putting a ton of pressure on our storm-water management systems. But there’s a solution! If we work together to manage rain where it falls we can lessen the impact on our infrastructure and restore our natural waterways. 

Green Venture is hosting a free webinar on Feb. 8th with 3 City staff members to educate on municipal storm-water management and at-home initiatives.

I’ve attached a graphic and the Eventbrite registration link, which has more information about the event and speakers, and that you are welcome to cut and paste.

Pull Over for Cars with Flashing Green Lights.

Volunteer firefighters in Hamilton use flashing green lights when they are responding to a call. The Highway Traffic Act prevents volunteer firefighters from speeding, blowing red lights and stop signs. By pulling over when drivers see a flashing green light in their rear view mirror, they are helping to improve response times for our volunteer (part-time) firefighters, who are headed to the station to change and join their brigade.

Since we have hybrid fire stations in Ward 9, you may encounter a car with a flashing green light. Please pullover and help our part-time firefighters responding to an alarm.